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Saffold Productions is an independant production company offering the finest in web site development, multimedia, audio/video recording, post production, and marketing/promotional services. Saffold Productions maintains a full-time staff, internet access, and a digital mulitrack/channel studio for use in rendering services.

You may download portions of audio and video production work by selecting the appropriate hyperlink. You can check out examples of web sites we have done at . Our web sites strive to maintain compatabilty with many browser packages including Netscape, Internet Explorer, Compuserve, and AOL.

We also maintain the highest quality in band services and production. Check out Tandym , one of our recent indie projects.

Saffold Productions is also pleased to announce sponsorship for the Online Musician's Exchange Service (OMES). This service is provided as a mechanism for electronic musicians to get together and browse potential candidates for hire. You can also sample live radio and indie artists on ISAFF Independent Internet FM

Feel free to sample the experience and capabilities of Saffold Productions.


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